Keep everyone in your community connected.

As a cloud-based solution that works on any device, CareCommunity features role-specific access points for every member of the care team. Doctors, residents, family members, and others can log in 24 hours a day from a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

By providing real-time access to the most updated information in a patient’s global Personal Health Record (PHR), everyone always has the information they need to make more informed decisions.

CareCommunity Resident

Patients and Residents

CareCommunity empowers patients and residents to play an active role in making key healthcare decisions.

With CareCommunity, it’s easy for patients and residents to update key health information, monitor the care plan, and communicate securely with every member of the care team. The platform connects with hundreds of telehealth devices and wearables, and residents can participate in video chats that become part of their health record.

Family Members

CareCommunity gives family members the tools they need to consider treatment options and play a role in making healthcare decisions.

By fostering secure communications among all members of a virtual care team—and keeping everyone informed—CareCommunity gives family members the peace of mind of knowing they’re involved with a loved one’s care.

Family Members

How do I sign up for CareCommunity for myself
or a loved one?

Initially, CareCommunity is only available to long-term care providers and their medical professionals for managing the electronic health records of their resident population. As more customers adopt the CareCommunity platform, we plan to expand availability directly to individuals and their families. Meanwhile, if you are receiving services from a long-term, post-acute care provider (e.g., senior living, assisted living, life plan community, memory care or home-based care services) you can request that your provider implement CareCommunity, so you can experience the benefits of having your medical information available to you in one easy-to-navigate and readily accessible technology.

CareCommunity Physicians and Physicians Practices

Physicians and Physician Practices

CareCommunity helps physicians reduce patient readmissions, decrease Medicare penalties, and deliver better clinical outcomes.

With CareCommunity, doctors can log in to review a patient’s previous treatment plans, so they’re less likely to order duplicate tests and interventions. And the system routes all meaningful use-related activities to the MU-compliant system of record.


CareCommunity keeps pharmacists up to date on care decisions and medication management issues.

By enhancing communications among pharmacists and other members of the virtual care team, CareCommunity helps pharmacists become more active in coordinating care for patients, improving the pharmacy’s overall value to long-term care operators.

CareConnect Hospitals and Health Systems

Hospitals and Health Systems

CareCommunity keeps hospital physicians up to date on care decisions and medical events for discharged patients.

By giving physicians the ability to communicate securely with other members of the care team, CareCommunity can help hospitals and health systems lower readmission penalties, improve patient outcomes, and increase overall profits.

Long-Term Care Operators

CareCommunity helps long-term care facilities attract and retain qualified healthcare professionals.

As turnover rates for nurses and nursing aides continue to rise, CareCommunity helps long-term care facilities run more efficiently, increase job satisfaction, and deliver better clinical outcomes.

Long-Term Care Operator